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Deciding to replace the siding on your home can be a large undertaking, but it is a great investment for homeowners. New siding is rated among the top ten remodeling projects, as homeowners typically recoup 100% or more of the investment. Siding functions as the outer protective layer of your home, and choosing the correct type of siding deserves careful consideration.

Your choice of siding will help prevent moisture, such as rain, snow and frost, from penetrating the inside of your home. Moisture behind your siding will degrade the strength of the entire housing frame. Some common pests may also reside behind poor or inappropriate siding, including carpenter ants and termites. These pests can eat away at your home and contribute to the degradation of the house. A carefully chosen siding product will not only give your home a new look, but protect your family's health and safety.

We have grouped your home exterior products into basic categories to assist you in choosing the best option for your home. The perfect siding will enhance the beauty of your home, protect the building from the elements, and will provide the appropriate level of maintenance for your lifestyle.

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